To join this raffle go to Twitter, follow me and retweet the raffle post. Yes, that’s it! And winners will be announced via streaming in, Twitter and my Telegram channel too.

Now, for the rules, this is the short list:

  • Just one character per winner. Clothes and accessories are ok, but not too many.
  • No background, no colours.
  • If a winner can’t make it to the stream, they don’t lose their prize.
  • Questions and changes only during the stream.
  • Clean sketches only, no adult themes.
  • The only reference(s) to be considered must contain the #LicosRaffle tag on Twitter.
    • You can change your reference(s) as long as you delete the previous one(s) before the raffle ends.
    • In case there is no reference, the winner loses their prize and a new winner will be selected.
  • Any Twitter account with activity before March 10th 2018 is elegible for this raffle.