Halloween themed, premium painting YCH illustration for October 2019! Featuring 5 characters, playing with pumpkins and maybe some of them are gonna have an unforgettable night ?????

These are some examples of premium paintings:


General rules for this YCH illustration

  • Patreon discount doesn’t apply but in exchange, subscribers earn additional paws (see info at the bottom).
  • Characters can include clothes and/or accessories. Open for negotiation.
  • No adult content.
  • Changing your spot for another were creature is allowed. Changing the expression of the base sketch is allowed. No significant changes in poses are allowed, but smaller changes can be negotiated.

Individual rules

Spot A

  • Can be either with hypnosis or without it.
  • The character has to be a were looking beast.

Spot B

  • The character can be partially transformed.
  • Can be either with hypnosis or without it.

Spot C

  • The pumpkin can be engraved with any expression.
  • The character can be partially transformed.
  • The trigger of transformation can be the pumpkin itself.

Spot D

  • The character can be partially transformed.

Spot E

  • Preferably the character should be a were looking beast, but not necessarily.

This illustration is scheduled to be finished before 18/Oct/2019. People who bought a slot will receive the watermark free, full size illustration in their e-mail. The amount of paws earned per person will be calculated based on the price of each paid spot and given only to the buyer. Patreon subscribers receive 2 extra paws on top of the regular calculation.

You can follow all wips and progress of this illustration in a dedicated chat in Discord!

For any questions about what can be changed individually, feel free to contact me!

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