Halloween 2021 YCH

Since 2018, I’ve been creating werewolf ychs for Halloween, and 2021 is no exception. For this year, three adventurous characters decided to test their courage by infiltrating a dangerous area well known for having a large amount of werewoles. Apparently after that day, this forest will have a few new dwellers in it. “Transforming intruders into werewolves” is the title of this piece.

This piece includes a digital version for all five participants, and a printable PDF, poster size (around 61 cm × 46 cm, 300 dpi).

This is a premium illustration containing 5 characters; that means it includes a fully rendered background, and characters are drawn with their individual lights and shadows to blend with the environment. It’s designed to be a large poster too!

All character spots are customizable in facial expressions, colour, body markings and clothes. Additional customization options are negotiable. Read more about individual characteristics in the product page of each slot, listed below.

This piece is planned to be finished by the end of October 2021, and you will receive:

  • Full size JPG file of this poster, premium illustration style.
  • Full size, printable PDF file of this poster (for free).
  • A special role in Discord, “Werebeast 2021“.

Progress will be updated in Trello for this piece, and all work in progress examples will be available in Discord (Trainee and above level in Patreon is required).

Examples of more pro illustrations

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