“This party needed something unique to be memorable…”
A voice shouted in an attempt to be heard by as many atendees as possible, considering how loud the music at that party was. An unknown character raised his hand, holding a shiny wand and started floating above the ground, over everyone’s heads. No one seemed to know who he was, and apparently he was an uninvited atendee to that party; yet his costume was definitely outstanding. It was a a green magician hat and coat, a golden wand with a green stone. In spite of the excellent quality of the clothes, the wand looked like a toy. As the green stone started to shine, everyone in the backyard stared at him, some were confused, and some others were amazed by what he was doing. “What kind of show is this?”, “Wow, a performance!” were some of the comments that could be heard around this floating coyote fox. “This… this isn’t a performance! I’m just getting this party started~” replied the orange canine and in the blink of an eye, his wand released an intense energy which poured on the nearest people, slowly turning them into what they were dressed as —two were creatures, a fox and a panther; an elegant vampire bat and an adventurer mouse. The whole party stood silent, except for the music, surprised, staring at these five characters performing a real magic trick. Not one of those boring tricks with scarves and cards, but a real transformation!
YCH Illustration for (top to bottom, left to right) Kickaha, Stevie, Cheetah Obscura, Xelon and Jingles. I hope you had a lot of fun during this party! And happy Halloween!
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