Who am I?

In the outside world, I am an Illustrator and Graphic Designer, currently living and working in México City. Coffee enthusiast, videogame fan (specially Pokémon, Splatoon and Ace Combat), photography practitioner, visual storyteller and fursuiter. In the furry world, I am Licos Aragón, a Mexican Wolf, adventurer, half-time villain and half-time hero; illusionist, king, werewolf and everything my imagination is able to create.

In illustration, one of my main influences was Sugimori Ken (Pokémon), but by now they have changed a lot! Currently, my greatest influences are Arashi Takemoto, Nomura Tetsuya, Amano Shiro among others (in no particular order), including my friends!

I am passionate about telling stories with colourful illustrations, making emotional connections with viewers, creating fantastic scenarios, characters, situations and so on! This has been heavily influenced by a variety of videogames throughout my life as a kid and the desire of composing (and illustrating) more stories. All of this slowly led me to becoming a Visual Artist, studying Graphic Design and an being avid daydreamer.

Until 2017 I used to work in a company as Internal Communications manager, Graphic Designer; creating images for blogs, social media, websites, e-mails and general visual communication for the company’s community. Now I work independently as an Illustrator, producing digital pieces and designs for printing; and helping with some social media mentoring to other fellow Illustrators and brands, like these ones:

In my spare time, I like to roam the city, play videogames, draw on my sketchbooks and take tons of photos! In the future, I would love to work on making illustrations for books and magazines, specially if they are targeted to kids; and as a concept illustrator and/or character designer for a videogame; to mention a few of my preferred positions; a dream that started back in the early 2000s, inspired in countless works by other illustrators, and is still alive today.