Paw rewards form

Remember to read all information about Paw Points and what rewards are available! You can find all information here.

Important: For physical rewards (prints and shirts), please send me your information here. This is to keep your contact information and other details organized. For discounts, add that to your description in the commission form instead.

  • For those who want 2 additional stickers on a commission, please write in the description of both your commission and your reward that both are linked. Use the same email account to register both too!
  • All rewards are clean (for all audiences) and single character with a basic background. No character placeholders (known as YCH) are allowed. Upgrades from the sketch streaming follow the same rules as in the sketch streaming.
  • I will make these in order from oldest to newest, 3-4 every month. Please register only one reward at a time! I will notify you via email when I start yours. If you don’t have enough points for your reward when your turn comes, I will notify you via email and it will be skipped. You must register again after that.
  • Please be as specific as possible. Only one correction is allowed!