Do you want to get some free stuff? Then you came to the right place! For every commission you get, you earn 🐾Paws. You can exchange these points for a variety of rewards!

How do I get Paws?

For every commission, you get a certain amount of 🐾Paws based on the commission type and price. Every time you purchase an illustration (or a sticker pack) you receive 1 🐾Paw plus 1 additional 🐾Paw for every $15 USD*. Let’s see a few examples:

  • 1 basic colours illustration with 2 characters is worth 9 🐾 paws.
    • 1 for the illustration itself.
    • 8 for its price, $120 USD.
  • A 12 sticker pack is worth 17 🐾 paws.
    • 1 for the pack itself.
    • 16 for its price, $249 USD.

These are example prices only. Actual prices may vary.

You can redeem your 🐾 Paws for 6 months after your purchase. The expiration date is renewed after every purchase. Go to this page to claim your rewards!

*The amount of paws received is considering the final price of each piece, that is, including discounts. No paws are awarded if commissions are intended for commercial use, like (but not limited to) reselling artwork; or purchases at the site’s shop.

For all fans

Rewards anyone has access to! Get free stuff by redeeming your Paw points for any of these rewards!

**Shipping costs are not included.

+2 Telegram stickers

15 Paws

2 stickers (single character) additional to any commission you order.

3 prints

15 Paws

3 prints (of up to $5 each) of your choice from the site’s shop.

Basic illustration

25 Paws

1 full body, basic illustration. One character.


55 Paws

1 Classic t-shirt of your choice from Red bubble.

For Super fans

🌟Extra rewards for those with an active subscription in Patreon, Twitch, Ko-fi or Discord as a booster🌟

**Shipping costs are not included.

Telegram sticker

10 Paws

1 single character telegram sticker.

Hero update

20 Paws

A new supporter picture of any of your characters.

Additional discount

25 Paws

Additional 15% discount to any previous discount.

Coloured sketch

20 Paws

Turn any single character sketch from the sketch streaming into a basic illustration.

For Patreon supporters

Yes! There’s something special for you too. On top of having access to even more rewards, you also get 🐾 Paws with your Patreon subscription, starting at Team Leader (starting in January 2022). Every tier gives you a different amount, find more information in Licographics Patreon page.

Where can I find my current paws balance?

By making a Licographics account, you can find your current point ballance and the expiration date under your account information. Add your Paypal, Clip or Patreon e-mail address in “acccount details”. Paw points are tied to your legal name and payment e-mail address! These are non-transferable.*

*Your legal name, e-mail address and any other private information are never displayed publicly and is used exclusively for identification purposes.

Starting in January 2022, and after defining a limit of 60 paws in January 2020, all people that have more than 60 🐾 Paws will have their ballance set to 60.