Terms of service 

This is a summary of the original terms of service, translated to English for your convenience. Please consider that this an auxiliary version of the original terms of service, and the Spanish version is the one to be officially followed during the commercial relation with Licos (or Licographics), and for any of the products or services requested. To read the original and official terms of service (in Spanish) please go here.

When requesting a product

The following terms are effective as of the date any person (the “customer”) requests any of the items (“products”) listed in this website, be it a custom illustration (“commission”) or in the site’s store; or any other product created by Licos (“Licographics”) listed third party platforms. Therefore, we work under the assumption that the customer has agreed to these Terms of Service.

The customer must pay at least 50 % of the final price of their products before any progress is made; and pay the remaining amount before the products are finished. Any interactions and information provided between Licographics and the customer are classified; and will be used only during the development of the customer’s products. Any contact information belonging to the customer could be used to send special offers and other newsletters only if the owner of this contact information approves the use of this information for this purpose.

The customer and Licographics must use an electronic and written medium to interact. E-mail is highly recommended. These interactions include (but are not limited to) request a quote, a product and/or any other actions related to the development of the customer’s product. The customer can find a catalogue of available products here.

Licographics works on a monthly schedule, taking new orders through Google forms, which are accepted at Licographics’ own discretion.

The amount of orders accepted every month varies. Sending order requests in the aforementioned form does not guarantee it will be accepted. Licographics reserves the right to take or reject any orders for any reason.

When requesting a product, the customer will receive a quote for it in the following 48 business hours. This quote is only valid for 2 (two) weeks. If the customer wishes to accept this quote, the customer must send the payment in the following 72 business hours after receiving said quote; otherwise it will be considered as abandoned and Licographics has no responsibility to work on the requested product.

During production

Once the production has started, Licographics will inform to the customer the due date for their product(s) and revision stages. During these revisions, the customer may request modifications, up to 3 (three) times per stage, as long as these changes are not part of a different development stage. Any additional change is subject to additional fees. The customer can find any progress about their product and its corresponding stages on Trello. Special illustrations do not include revisions. See more details about this type of illustration in the product characteristics section.

Licographics must comply with these modifications, establishing a new due date, if necessary. In case the customer needs additional revisions, or their modifications belong to any previously finished stage, Licographics will charge the customer for any applicable fees.

If the customer wishes to add or remove any of the stages of their product (i.e. coloring, shading, background, etc.), they can a) for addition, request them and pay for any additional fees according to the new characteristics of their product; or b) for removal, notify Licographics which characteristics they would like to remove from their product before the development of these stages start. If the development has started (or was finished) already, the customer will not be refunded. Refunds will be done only if these development stages were not started at all. The relative price for refunds is calculated as follows (based on the final price):

  • For special illustrations: no refunds. Te illustration will be finished.
  • For basic illustrations: sketch 10 %, outlines 20 % y colouring 70 %. Character references are considered basic illustrations.
  • For pro illustrations: sketch 10%, outlines 20 %, colouring 35 % and lights and shadows 35 %.
  • For premium illustrations: sketch 10 %, outlines 20 %, colouring 20 %, lights and shadows 25 % and background 25 %.

Once all production stages have been finished and there are no further modifications to be done, the product will be considered as finished.

Modifications can be done to a finished product. These, although, are subject to Licographics’ availability and the customer must pay for any applicable fees.

The product will be delivered via direct download from an online storage service. Licographics will send a link to the product via e-mail, which will be available for one month, starting the day of the product’s completion. The receiving e-mail address will be the same e-mail address used to send the payment via Paypal.

Formats for a finished product are listed in separate sections below. If the customer needs an additional format, they must inform Licographics with the characteristics of this new format. Charges may apply depending on the requested format.

Licographics will set a due date for the finished product before starting any development. In case Licographics is unable to finish the product on that day, is mandatory for Licographics to set a new due date, up to two times. If Licographics was unable to finish the product in the third (and last) due date, the customer will receive a refund corresponding to the development that has not been done and Licographics will set a new (and last) due date, and set top priority to that product. Additionally, the customer will receive an additional benefit for the next purchase, that can be negotiated with the customer. 

Payment and cancellations

The only valid payment methods for international customers is via Paypal and in US Dollars (USD). For customers located in Mexico (United Mexican States), please read the terms in Spanish, following this link.

The customer may request a cancellation of their product at any production stage. To do this, they must notify the customer. Refunds will be done corresponding to the development stages that were not started as listed in the section above.

Licographics reserves the right to cancel any of the orders. This action does not guarantee refunds to the customer. Cancellation could be due to (but not limited to) these cases:

  • Customer’s long response time in any contact (up to 7 days).
  • Aggressive behavior, direct or indirect, against Licographics, members of groups in any platform, affiliates, subscribers, etc.
  • The customer does not comply with any of their obligations in these terms.
  • Anything that can be considered inappropriate. The reason will be mentioned to the customer.
  • Any other action that affects, directly or indirectly, the service to other customers or affects Licographics


The customer may use their product in prints or any digital media without restrictions. Credits must not be removed from the image and/or they should be clearly visible in the description of the image. Although, creation of non-fungible tokens (or NFT) and the use of illustrations for training artificial intelligence tools is strictly prohibited. Personal use of images for artificial intelligence software is allowed, only for pieces the customer got for themselves and does not require authorization from Licographics. Use of any products in artificial intelligence software made for a third party or for commercial uses is strictly forbidden.

The customer grants the rights to use their characters to Licographics exclusively for the creation of the requested product. Additionally, the customer confirms the rights from others’ characters were granted to them for use in their product. In case the rights of any third party characters are involved without permission, Licographics will not be responsible of the incorrect use of unauthorized property, being the customer the only responsible of this action.

Licographics is the only owner of the moral and economic rights of the product (unless otherwise is stated). Any character or element included in the product belonging originally to the customer or a third party is still property of their respective owners. All illustrations will be copyrighted to Licographics.

Licographics may use the product in printed or digital media, either commercial or not, without restrictions and is not obligated to notify the customer, or to give the owner(s) of the characters or other elements involved any economic compensation.

Users of third party platforms

All terms described here apply normally, in addition to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines of the subscription platforms Patreon (“Patreon”), Ko-fi (“Ko-fi”), streaming service Twitch (“Twitch”)  and the messaging platform Discord “Discord”, when the customer subscribes to Licographics’ accounts over these platforms and services or join Licographics’ Discord group “Werebeast Club”.

All rewards are always available in Patreon, Ko-fi, Twitch and Discord, according to the subscribers’ levels or tier. Rewards will not be sent directly to any customers, except for commissions.

Every week, Licographics will send notifications about new content in Patreon, Discord or Licographics website (licographics.com); and to request information about rewards in Google Forms.

Customers with any Patreon subscription level can request their rewards, even if their Paw Points balance is not enough to pay for their requested reward (more details in the section below). Clan leaders and above must be present in the #streaming chat in Discord to request their rewards, and watching the live broadcast is not necessary. More details about this reward can be found in the aforementioned chat in Discord.

Starting in January 1st, 2022, all rewards that were not redeemed previous to that day are cancelled.

Paw Points

Instructions about the use of Paw Points can be found here.

All terms described in this page apply normally, with a few exceptions:

  • Refunding points or cancelling orders. For cancellation, Licographics must be notified before starting any production stage. Else, the order will be completed normally.
  • Changes to the rewards. For illustrations, changing any of the characteristics, such as the amount of characters or adding a background are subject to additional fees, not paid in Paws. For merchandise, changes can not be performed.
  • There is only one revision through the entire process.

Paws can only be redeemed for any of the available rewards in the Paw rewards page. Paws can not be traded for money or any other goods, services, etc., not listed in said page. When using Paw points for a discount or to redeem the “2 additional stickers” reward, the customer will not be given any points, to avoid loops. Physical items will not give any points either.

When the customer’s Paws balance expire, it will be automatically set to 0 and all lost points can not be taken back. Instructions about expiration dates can be found in the Paws rewards page.

Customers can redeem their points in these cases:

  • For illustrations, every month some orders will be taken in chronological order, and if the customer has enough points to pay for that reward.
  • For merchandise, at any time, as long as shipping costs are covered by the customer.

The maximum amount of points any customer may have is 60. Combining the balance with other customers is forbidden. Rewards that could not be paid with points by the the time the production will start, will be cancelled and no points will be taken from the customer’s balance. The customer will be notified and can list their reward again.

Product characteristics

Prices may vary depending on the complexity. For adult content, the final price increases by 50 % based on the final price. Adult content is:

  • Violence, either explicit or suggestive.
  • Consumption of harmful substances.
  • Nudes and sexual acts, either explicit or suggestive.

Prices do not include shipping, either national or international. An adapted version for printing can be sent via e-mail for printing upon request.

Damage or any other difficulties during the shipping are responsibility of the shipping service. However, Licographics will do as much as possible to prevent any inconveniences.

For products not listed in this catalogue, please contact Licographics to discuss about it.

Products intended to be used for commercial purposes, may have an additional cost.

Product characteristics

Digital illustration

For illustration sequences and collections, each piece is charged individually.

 Bitmap-made images will be delivered in either (or both) of these formats:

  • JPG image at 72 dpi and with the canvas’ original size, starting at 2500px on its shorter side.
  • PSD image (merged) at 72 dpi and with the canvas’ original size, starting at 2500px on its shorter side.

 Vector images will be delivered in either (or both) of these formats:

  • JPG image at 72 dpi and maximum lenght and height of 2500px.
  • PNG image at 72 dpi and maximum lenght and height of 2500px.

Special illustrations differ from others in some characteristics. These will not include any revisions, they are single character only and no background.

 Telegram stickers

Images will be delivered in these formats:

  • PNG images, at 72 dpi and 512 px on each side.
  • A link to download your files.

 Each additional character has an additional price relative to 40% of the individual price of a sticker in a set. This means, corresponding to its proportional price in the ordered sticker set.

Emoji for Discord or Twitch

Images will be delivered in these formats:

  • PNG images, at 72 dpi and 180 px on each side.
  • A link to download your files.

Keeping all of these pieces as single character is highly recommended. Animations and other formats or sizes will have an additional cost.

Character reference

Images will be delivered in either (or both) of these formats:

  • JPG image at 72 dpi and a minimum length and height of 2500 px.
  • PSD image (merged) at 72 dpi and a minimum length and height of 2500 px.

 A character reference includes:

  • Âľ front view.
  • Âľ back view.
  • Three descriptive objects, such as (but not limited to) text description, eyes, tail, hands, ears, etc. Fur markings and tattoos are considered as descriptive objects too.
  • Up to eight color swatches. Textures and cloth patterns are considered as a swatch.
  • Name and species.
  • Any additional elements you want. Charges may apply.

 References are exclusively for one character.

Animated avatar for videoblogging (v-tuber)

Files will be delivered in these formats:

  • CMO3, model3, cdi3 and physics3 (exported from Live2d Cubism).
  • Texture atlas in PNG

An additional PNG image is recommended to identify your avatar in the software you use. Not included.

The avatar includes the following animations:

  • Lateral and vertical movement of the head, as well as rotation.
  • Blinking.
  • Breathing.
  • Gravity for hair, when appliable.
  • Mouth movement.

Expressions and other resources will have an additional cost, depending on complexity and nature.

These avatars are tested in Vtube studio. Using this software is recommended.

Brand identity

For the production of a brand identity, the only available method is via e-mail. All information related to the production of a brand identity will be requested. This information will be considered as classified.


Badges will be delivered in one (or more) of these formats:

  • JPG image at 72 dpi, with minimum length or height of 1280 px.
  • PDF file at 300 dpi, letter size, A4 size and cropping instructions are included.
  • Printed, laminated and punched. The final size of your badge is 10 cm Ă— 14 cm (additional cost).

 Your badge’s orientation could be either horizontal or vertical. Vertical orientation is recommended.

 A badge includes:

  • One fully colored character.
  • Your name or a word. Could be either a preset typography or a custom lettering (charges may apply).
  • Geometric or texture background.

 It’s highly recommended to find a high-quality printing service and make a print test, as colours may vary greatly from those seen on screen. Any color or quality variation are the customer’s own responsibility.

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