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For people who are not familiar with these commissions, reading information about them before applying for one is highly recommended. Read it here.

SEQUENCES: A single entry is enough, but each part of the sequence will be considered as a single image.
MULTIPLE COMMISSIONS: Write one entry for every idea and/or commission type you want.

All information registered here will be considered only for the current commission period.  After this form is closed, I will contact you via e-mail in the following 48 hours, with all details about how we can work on your commission. Filling out this form does not guarantee your order will be selected. Those who were not selected will be contacted about available spots in case any of the selected ones is not taken. The amount of commissions that will be accepted varies every month.

Only apply if you can pay for your commission up until 5 days after being selected. Please don’t take slots that you can’t afford. This could result in not taking any of your orders in the future.