Patreon changes for 2022

It has been four years and half since I launched Licographics’ Patreon, and the amount of people that has shown interest in it, is something that I will always be thankful for. I always say this in every opportunity: you are my heroes, the ones that make me able to do what I enjoy the most. During these four years, there have been some slight changes in general to how I have managed Patreon and what I can do for you in exchange for your support. This time, there is a massive change that involves more than adjusting a few things here and there.

Some weeks ago there was a public poll asking about your general experience with Licographics’ Patreon subscriptions, including what were your favourite rewards, and what kind of changes they would like to see. Thank you for participating in this poll! Results are very clear about what people want to have access to, and these are some of the ideas I have so far.

Things that will be added

Team leader and Clan leader will receive paw points every month. The amount is still to be determined, but this will result in having points that will not expire. The limit is still going to be 60 and pausing their subscription starts the 6 month period before expiration again. This is to give access to some additional rewards to these levels, specially for people that have been subscribed for a long time. Up to this point, World Champion and World Legend also receive paw points, but the amount given will increase. This benefit isn’t listed in Patreon but it’s registered in the paw point count.

Warmup sketches will be added to the wip-talk chat in discord; which in turn will have its name changed to wip-and-sketch too. This new mode of this chat will include progress of all commissions and personal works, the same way it has been until now; and the finished and full size version of warmup sketches that have been published in various platforms recently. Additionally, people can suggest sketches for the following days too. There will be some rules applied to suggestions, but those are to be determined.

Things that will change

From this point on, all digital sketchbooks will be published only in the website. All digital sketchbooks from 2020 and 2021 will be available for download for free to anyone with the proper Patreon subscription in a single post in the website too; and the Google Drive folder will become unaccesible. The Digital sketchbook folder in Google Drive won’t be updated anymore. The reason behind this is giving access to this folder isn’t an automated process managed by Patreon; unlike posts in the website.

As mentioned in the section above, World Champion and World Legend will receive additional paw points every month, to give people subscribed to this level more freedom about the rewards they want; but in exchange the basic illustration and sticker rewards will be removed. The new amount of paw points received will be ballanced to match as closely as possible their previous rewards. This, of course, needs to be ballanced with potential new members of the Club and how many of these rewards I can work on.

The sketch streaming could be reworked slightly to adjust better to more people participating in it. Until now, the only plan is adding one more day after reaching a specific amount of subscribers, and adding some time to all sessions after reaching another amount of subscribers. More information about this is in the “goals” section in Patreon.

The price of some tiers will change slightly. Those who are already subscribed to any of these levels will keep their current subscription cost until you manually stop your subscription to that legacy price of said tier. This will only affect new subscribers.

Things that will be removed

The Tip Jar benefit will be removed from all tiers that had access to it. This series of infographics was discontinued a long time ago.

Paw points earnt with every commission will be the same as non subscribers. This is to ballance the amount of paw points earnt with any subscription starting at Team Leader.

The digital sketchbook will be discontinued to favour the production of more designs for prints that can be obtained either in the store or by redeeming paw points, including some special edition designs. The digital sketchbook will continue normally until this benefit is defined properly.


The images below show a summary of what benefits are listed as of today and what will be the list of benefits if these changes are applied. The latter looks shorter to make things easier to find.

My goal with these changes is to give more people opportunities to have access to things they enjoy, and for me to continue growing as a freelance Illustrator with the help of a wonderful community that has taught me so many things during all this time.

I deeply appreciate your support, and I am grateful for every experience we have had together, either on Patreon and outside it.