Auctioned characters rules and terms

By sending a comment with your bid, be it a winning bid or not, you are accepting Licographics’ Terms of service, which apply normally. When any of the original terms is conflicting with these terms, this text takes priority.

Licographics will contact you after the auction time is over via Telegram in a direct message and then via email.

The winner(s) will be the last message listed (in chronological order) within the time limit in Licographics’ Telegram client, starting with the first message to appear on 6/May/2022 at 18:00, and going backwards in case the winner is unable to send the corresponding payment within the time mentioned below.

Place only bids that you can pay within 12 hours after finishing the auction. Payment is going to be done via Paypal (international) and/or Clip (Mexico). If someone is unable to pay within the time limit, a new winner will be selected. The exchange rate to Mexican Pesos will be defined in the future.

You agree that Licographics, its members and affiliates, are free from liability arising from the purchased works.

Things you can do with your new character:

  • Change, modify or update the gender to any preference.
  • Make a very cool background story (please share if you do!).
  • Change or update its appearance as you see fit.
  • Make all kinds of pieces: physical or digital. This includes videos, games, illustrations and more!
  • Use it as an image for commercial use. (Including products)
  • Use it as a brand identity or to represent yourself (personally and/or commercially).
  • Resell it (you must include the original piece listed in this auction).
  • Use it as a reference for a fursuit or other fursuit accessories.
  • No permission from the creator required to make modifications or changes.

Things you can not do with your new character:

  • Claim that you created the character, image, or concept.
  • Use this character for media intended to promote any political views; aggression, violence and/or any other kind of harmful acts; and/or any illegal activities.
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