Patreon 5th anniversary giveaway

This year it’s the 5th anniversary of Licographics’ Patreon! Who remembers when our subscription tiers were named after coffee types?

This year, I wanted to give away some stuff to celebrate, for people who are already in the club and for new members too! but what am I giving to people? Anything they want! From Telegram Stickers to full body pictures! It’s completely up to you!

This is how it works:

  • People who subscribe to Patreon, to any tier will receive paw points.
  • People who are already subscribed to any tier from Team Leader to World Legend*, will receive additional paw points too.
  • People already subscribed who invite people to join Licographics’ Patreon and those who join will also receive extra paw points, regardless of the subscription tier.

Paw points will be given in August! And additionally, if we reach 10 new members in total or more, there’s a surprise coming in August too! Just make sure you make a Licographics’ account in the meantime to see how many Paw points you have, and link your discord account to Patreon too.

*World Legend and World Champion have limited availability.

What you can do with Paw Points

After joining our Patreon club, you get access to additional rewards you can get with your points! You can directly request any rewards you want in this form. Available rewards are from Telegram Stickers to full body illustrations of your character; besides all benefits from the tier you subscribed to. You can find the full list of benefits you get from Paw Points here!

How many points do you get?

Current subscribers

  • Double points based on their current tier. Trainee and Teammate get 2 points.
  • When inviting friends, 5 additional points for every one of them who joins. When you invite your friends, tell them they have to mention in either Discord or Patreon (as a direct message) who invited them, so you both get your points!

New subscribers

  • Each tier gets points this way
    • Trainee 2
    • Teammate 3
    • Team leader 5
    • Clan leader 6
    • World champion 8
    • World legend 12
  • After following an invitation from an already subscribed member, 5 additional points. When your friend invites you, all you have to do is mention in either Discord or Patreon (as a direct message) who invited you, so you both get your points!

When am I receiving my points and rewards?

All activity during July will be considered for giving those extra points to all applicable members in August 6th, this means, after August subscription is charged by Patreon. All of these points will be visible in your account settings in this website. Follow the steps listed here to know where to find them. You can redeem your points at any time (before your points’ expiration date) in this page, where you can find how requesting rewards work too. I will be working on rewards as fast as I can!

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