Update 25/Sep

Hello! This is today’s update.

Winners for the raffle from last week are:

  • Main prize: DekiSystem
  • Extra prize: Quartz (icecreamcanine)

Thank you so much for participating in the raffle! This week on the 30th I will be streaming the main prize illustration on Twitch, at 16:00.

For this week the plan is working on two more paw point rewards, my business card and the template. The playmat for the tournament at Confuror is finished and it should be arriving by the end of the week. Details about the tournament haven’t been released yet, but it will be the 1st prize reward at Confuror’s Digimon TCG tournament. More details about it later.

I was accepted at BLFC’s Bazaar too! The table is yet to be announced, but I will be there on Tuesday and Wednesday. For Confuror, Vandroiy and I will be on table 21 (as far as I was told) in the Dealer’s den, all weekend long. Please come say hi!

For those in Patreon, remember that some of the merch sold in either convention has discounts of up to 100% for you! The discount is calculated with your subscription level and duration. You can find more details about the discount in site.

For october I won’t be opening for commissions, but all rewards in Patreon and paw points will continue normally. It’s possible that November commissions will be delayed, but more about it after Confuror. This is because BLFC dates overlap with the week when I would normally start working on them.

Speaking of commissions, the ones that will be available at both conventions will include busts only to be able to work on them faster, and in either pencil only or coloured pencils. My markers are dead and I haven’t been able to get more 😭

New Streamloots cards are coming this week. They include actions only for Splatoon, but some of the prototype deck are going to be discontinued. Discontinued cards will still be usable but won’t be given in chests anymore. Additionally, more stuff is coming to Twitch too, don’t forget to come to the channel to see them and spend some time together 😁

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful week!

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