Update 4/Sep

Hello! This is today’s update.

Last weekend sketch is now up in the site. Enjoy!

I got the stickers I ordered last week for selling! Some will be up in the site’s shop later this week but they will be mainly for conventions like Confuror (I haven’t received a confirmation for BLFC yet 😱). If you’re a member in Patreon, let me know before you buy them to give you a discount code that will be made based on your subscription time and level of up to 100% discount in one item.

This week we go back to normal with the streaming schedule. I was thinking of streaming Splatfest too but it overlaps again with a sketch streaming, and I won’t move it again. I will just simply make videos for youtube about it.

This week I start working on commissions and some rewards again. The next few rewards are stickers, so you can expect a few of them in the wip and sketch chat over Discord!

I will publish the polls for this month illustration and template today as well. Remember that the illustration is specifically for the new business card for me, and the supporter’s page portrait of as many of you as I can fit will be on the other side.

I think that’s all for now. Have a wonderful week and thank you for your sketch suggestions and everything once again πŸ’š

Don’t forget to join streamloots and get special packages for fun during Twitch’s streams, or make a donation to enter the raffle for a pro illustration of your fursona! More details about the raffle during any Twitch program in my channe.

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