Update 8/Jan

Hello! This is today’s update.

Welcome to the first update of the year! Have a wonderful 2024 and I hope we have a great time together this year.

The first thing I want to mention is about some physical rewards. Recently I was thinking of offering some stickers, maybe one or two copies of the same design every month to some tiers in Patreon (and possibly the only tier in Ko-fi too). What levels would get them is something I still have to think about and how to manage new designs too. The plan is sending them at some point during the month and let people choose between having them sent every month or once every six months, of course the total of stickers of the previous months in a single shipping to reduce costs. All designs are going to be limited edition and won’t be sold anywhere, of course; to make them extra special. Let me know what you think about this in the comments section!

The new pictures for the newest members of Team Leader and Clan Leader, Rhythm and SpiralCyr should be finished before Saturday this week and the name of all new members will be added to the supporters page too. I really appreciate your support and I hope you enjoy your subscription πŸ’š

Last weekend’s sketch is now in the site. Additionally, for this month the illustration is colouring December’s christmas themed sketch. Thanks for participating in it, it was a fun evening!

Points added to all members and people who got a commission is taking a little longer than usual because I need to make a new list for 2024, take all active points from 2023 and set to 0 those points that reached the expiration date. It’s a little tricky but I promise it’s going to be finished soon. Speaking of points, there are a few tweaks I have to implement related to queues and cost but it’s something I haven’t been able to define clearly. There might be some changes in this topic in the future.

Lastly, for Twitch there are a few new features that I hope you enjoy. Find out what those are by watching any of the Twitch streams πŸ’š

That should be all for now.Β  Thanks for your time and have a great week!

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