Update 26/Feb

Hello! This is today’s update. I hope everyone had a wonderful week too!

Starting with Twitch programs, after beating Jazz Jackrabbit 2 last week, for this week’s seasonal game program I decided to go for Doom Infinite, to match it with Splatoon’s Side Order.

There’s still a discount on streamloots chests that you can pick up here! The discount code is valid up until the 29th and has limited uses too! What you can do with stream loots is add interesting and fun interactions to the stream that can vary from playing a sound to changing how a particular program goes. There are cards about general interactions and Splatoon related activities. More coming in the future!

This week I will be working on the new animated avatar for Twitch. This is coming soon to the stream too! Additionally, the new goal for this month is making a transformed avatar. This is meant to be used on Veadotube, and the plan is having me transformed into other species of your choice. To suggest what species you want me to turn into, all you have to do is contribute to the goal here. In case there are many options, they will be picked randomly for each avatar.

That’s all of the updates about Twitch. Now, about other topics, I will be opening for commissions again on the 29th! Have everything prepared for when the order form is ready!

As mentioned before, during March I will be reworking the rewards offered with Paw Points, considering what subscribers to Patreon and fans have commented in the past about them. Those who have a monthly membership in Ko-fi have access to the special rewards as well, which is one of the features that was included recently 😁

The current list of rewards in the Paw rewards page is not valid anymore, but many of those will be present in the new version. The entire page will have the information revised, only to make things more clear to readers about how it works and update the examples given.

Those are all the plans for now!

Do you have any suggestions for warmup sketches? Please list them here! It has no cost and there’s a chance of having some of you as a cameo in it 😁

That’s all. Have a great week!

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