Update 5/Feb

Hello! This is today’s update.

To start the week, the first thing we have is a big discount over Redbubble! All apparell is discounted for 30%, and now is your time to get cool thingies from me and other creators too! My store is here, where you can find a variety of designs that have been part of the monthly illustrations in some cases. Enjoy!

The donation goal wasn’t finished for last week, but there was some participation, so I decided to make 2 extra emotes anyway, that I will make these days.

For this week’s streams, specially the sketch streaming one, on Wednesday the game is set to Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (thank you, Deus!). The sketch stremaing has a chance of being rescheduled to an hour earlier, but so far everything seems to point at having it at the regular time. Just to let you know there might be a change, but this isn’t very likely.

About sketch streamings, last Friday’s sketch sheet is now up in the site. Enjoy! Specifically today, I have been having a few issues with the site, so loading times might be longer than usual.

That might be all for this week. Please vote in Patreon for the monthly illustration and the template when they show up too. Thannk you for your time!

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