Update 11/Mar

Hello! This is today’s update.

As some of you may have noticed already, there were some unexpected changes in Discord, related to the use of our emotes. For our server to allow us to use them, we need some Nitro boosts. We lost a few of them, making the limit of emotes we can use lower than the amount we actually have and disabling a good portion of them. Please help us get them back by boosting the server too! While this isn’t mandatory, as the paid subscription for Discord is needed, support from those who do have it would be greatly greatly appreciated  💚

Those who don’t have a subscription on Twitch, Patreon or Ko-fi, boosting the server also gives you access to the wip-and-sketch chat, where I regularly send screenshots of my current work, and the full size warm up sketches and other downloadables, all of this as an additional perk to give some value to boosting the server.

Last weekend’s sketch sheet is now in the site. Enjoy!

Speaking of rewards, this is the list containing the new model for paw points:

As mentioned, this list was made considering what you and others have sent through the feedback survey launched some time ago, the analysis of the relation between total amount of rewards of each type and time spent to finish them; additionally making adjustments to better adapt the rewards list to the current paw points earnings by both regular commissions and Patreon subscriptions. All feedback about this list is welcome and I will make more adjustments during March to consider your comments and input about them. You can write what you think in the comments here, in this update.

On an additional note: for those who haven’t received a reward sent in the paw points reward form, the current queue is empty, and all rewards that weren’t done were due to insufficient points to cover its cost. You’re more than invited to send it again once the reward form is open in April, with now the updated new paw points limit set to 70 instead of 60.

For more information about how to get paw points, you can visit this page or visit Patreon to see the amount of points earnt for your subscription every month.

Now about Twitch: the current goal is making a new avatar of you transforming me into a species of your choice! You can contribute to the goal here and send me in a private message what you would like to see me turned into! When we reach the goal, I will work on a new avatar made for Veadotube, with a default of four frames that you can make me change into during streams (and can be used in sketch streams too if you want!).

There was a lot to talk about today, so I think this is enough for now. Have a great week and see you later!

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