For my Patreon anniversary, I’m going to create a beautiful pattern printed on bandanas, with te faces of everyone supporting me there already and those new suscribers too, regardless of their pledges! This is how your faces are going to look like in this pattern:



Empty spaces will be filled with some random objects related to the habitat of each species or other daily life objects. The background colour is going to be black, to emphasize the colours of your fursonas ?

Who can join?

  • All active patrons up to 4/Jul/2018.
  • All new patrons up to 31/Jul/2018.

What do I need?

  • A reference of your fursona (any waist up image).
  • Your preferred expression for the pattern.
  • Your e-mail address, to send you notifications about the pattern.
  • Your shipping address (upon completing the pattern)*.

All people pledging to my patreon page up to 31/Jul/2018 will receive it for free*. This pattern is going to be available as a scarf on Red Bubble and as a digital image too.

*Limited units, shipping not included! All private information will be used exclusively for shipping purposes.

Production of this bandana will start mid-August and are going to be shipped to you during September. Shipping costs $16 USD for Canada, United States, Central America and South America; $22 USD for Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania; and $200 MXN for Mexico. Other shipping services can be used too, prices subject to change.

This page is going to be updated if necessary. For any questions, send me a message here!

To opt out of this giveaway, you can do that by either not sending any information or message me mentioning you wish not to be considered for it.