Telegram sticker pack for Polyglot Furs group in Telegram! This was a collective commission featuring some of the most active members in the group and their new mascots! Expect more stuff from them later!

In order:

  • Adrien, Gothic
  • Ambyrb, French,Japanese, Russian and German
  • Askaran, Korean
  • BiFur, Esperanto
  • Blaher, Polish in IPA
  • Dangered Wolf, Spanish
  • Klezmer Gryphon, Old English
  • Licos (me), English
  • Lucian Loutranger, French
  • Mascot (prototype name Rosetta)
  • Marty, Japanese
  • Matvey, Russian
  • Nomaxice Khajbear, French
  • Mascot (prototype name Babel)
  • Piro, Italian
  • Plushberry Kush, Spanish
  • Sanqui, Czech
  • Cihuapilli Viddy, Nahuatl
  • Yari, French

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