A premium illustration based on a story by Xelon. The story is divided in two points of view. First, Xelon’s; then mine.

The story is as follows:

Travelling home dark at night,

  You hear the crunch of another pair of footsteps,

  Heavy, Loud, Thuds.

  You look around to see the surroundings,

  The shadow is still behind you .

  It’s followed for a while now,

  see it move while you stand still.

  You now know its not yours.

  With quick panic you start to hurry

  not looking back from where you came,

  you get to the edge of the park

  exit getting ever so close.

  You turn around for one more look.

  And pounced by a giant lycanthrope.

  His form towers over you,

  frozen in the moment.

  He gives you a small smile,

  before dragging you back to his cave.

  Once covered under the cave,

  your dropped on your back.

  With a loud sudden thud,

  that rumbles though the caves.

  You see multiple pairs of eyes,

  glowing in the darkness.

  Too scared to move you look back up at the werewolf,

  he notices and gives you a small grin,

  you try to smile back but still far too scared.

  The fear is seen within your eyes

  as the giant stands up over you,

  his eyes start to glow.

  You can’t help but stare back into them,

  as you let out a soft smile back.

  The eyes turn from glow to swirls

  as you start feeling some warmth

  it flows over your body

  but you feel something different

  Like a grow within your fur.

  The wave of relaxation

  that flows from within,

  that all so familiar feeling

  of growth happening at once.

  No need to fight.

  No need to flee.

  Become part of them,

  become one with yourself.

  The feeling of new you,

  but all so the same.

  As your clothing starts to tear,

  there’s no pain from within.

  No need to worry as

  you are safe with them all,

  becoming part of them

  is all that you want now.

  Your new form is complete

  as you stand up strong.

  Your new fur outgrows

  from short to the long.

  You have been here forever,

  always a Lycanthrope,

  as the others crowd around you

  you where always part of the pack~


  You see the lone hybrid wondering by himself,

  you keep watch of him with distance between.

  Keeping pace as he starts to run,

  you can tell he has fear.

  He keeps up his pace,

  bouncing between the trees

  as he keeps looking back at you

  you can tell the lone one is scared.

  There’s another pair of eyes

  blood red like the moon.

  You quickly pounce the hybrid,

  and know he’s unsure of everything.

  Also currently including you.

  Attempting to give a smile

  the wolfcoon still shows fear.

  You pick him up softly

  and take him back for care.

  Once back at your den,

  you plop him down safely.

  Trying for another smile

  this time having one returned.

  You put your paw beside his leg,

  looking into his eyes.

  You help him start to relax,

  by giving him the glare.

  You can see him begin to resist back,

  you pin him by the arm.

  With a little bit of force

  he settles down once more.

  His body begins to grow,

  into more of your size.

  Letting go as you keep the stare

  he begins to come to sence.

  With one more smile you look over him,

  now more with your size.

  The hybrid has been cured.

  And the cursed spirit is freed.