2023 improved rewards everywhere

Starting in January 2023, I’m offering more access to rewards outside Patreon too; and improving a few more in that platform!

First of all, any subscription to Ko-fi, Twitch or Patreon; or server boosters in Discord, get access to the “super fans” reward list to redeem their paw points for free pictures.

This means, Ko-fi is now an option for monthly donations too, giving you access to an exclusive chat in my Discord server, “Werebeast club” to download and see in their full size warmup sketches and WIPs.

Twitch subscribers and Discord server boosters have access to the same chat too, in addition to use the server or channel emotes freely anywhere in each platform (on top of other benefits from them too).

Patreon goals were reworked for this year, offering an extra day of free sketch streaming and an extra hour to all free sketch streamings! In addition to unique, single time and free merch you will get for helping the club reach that goal, these items won’t be available anywhere else and they’re only for you!

And lastly, 2 more slots for World legend and World champion tiers in Patreon were added to offer people more access to high level rewards. Grab one of these before they’re all sold out!


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