Update 15/May

Hello! This is today’s update.

Last weekend’s sketch is now up. Enjoy!

This Wednesday, I will offer a sketch raffle over Twitch to celebrate the 6000 follower milestone on Twitter. Thank you so much! Rules and all details will be available over there that day. The amount of winners will be enough to fill a 2 hour transmission. I hope you enjoy!

Recently Patreon released a small update in their newsletter mentioning Goals, a feature that was used as a milestone marker for a community, will be removed tomorrow. This has no impact in anyone’s membership, as it’s mostly a feature manually managed by creators and it can be replaced easily with making my own goal system outside Patreon. This is beneficial for several things, the most important one being that now I can offer raffles as part of our milestones, since raffles are prohibited by Patreon’s terms of service. For the reminder of this month I will rework some of these goals to adapt to this new freedom I have for them, but the ones that were originally listed in Patreon were the following:

  • Upon reaching a total of 50 subscribers, make a fourth day of free sketch streaming and design a commemorative lanyard with subscribers’ paws drawn on it (team leader and higher, free product, shipping not included).
  • Upon reaching a total of 70 subscribers, make all sketch streaming transmissions 2 hour long and a commemorative poster with a special illustration and credits including subscribers’ names (free product, shipping not included, details to be revealed).

My plan is keeping all of them intact, but I need to redesign the strategy to show them to more people; something I will be working on during this month too.

I fell a little behind with paw rewards. I will give them top priority right after finishing commission work. This means the template might be a little delayed, but the monthly illustration shouldn’t take much time to work on, and probably will take just one day to be done.

I haven’t had time to look into enabling comments in the site for members but at least there’s already an anti bot system for new members, which should help minimize spam. More about this in later updates.

I think that’s all for now. Have a wonderful week!

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