Update 2/May

Hello! This is today’s update. Sorry for being a bit late, I had friends come over yesterday. It was a fun day!

This is the first update that I’m writing on my website directly. With this, I’m hoping that removing the link to patreon makes it look like it’s exclusively patreon related. Although some stuff is still about it, people can easily navigate to other links in this site to find more that could be mentioned here, like rewards and other content that is usually found only here. Content that will continue being published in Patreon are polls only. The space for publishing templates in advance for Patreon subscribers will be defined later, as the rest of the rewards is already available in either this site or Discord. This is to minimize possible piracy, as mentioned in the previous update.

For now, comments are disabled on the site by default, but I will look more into it to enable them back and make comments possible for people with an account in the site. In the past I disabled comments because there were several bots commenting random letters or links to either advertise or scam. Meanwhile, all comments are welcome in Discord or in a direct message over any platform we share.

There will be some slight changes in rewards for Patreon. This is, as mentioned in previous updates and changes, discontinuing the digital sketchbook on the site and removing it from available rewards from the Patreon tier list, since those are no longer updated and have been discontinued for over a year already. You can either download them here or I can make a complete collection for download later. My plan for now is just use some that material for a printed version of those sketchbooks in the future too, which will be for sale at conventions and in the site’s store. Of course, Patreon subscribers get a discount on said item, just like with commissions.

The reward that replaced the digital sketchbook is the monthly illustration, that is specifically designed to make an exclusive picture that can be used for other printed materials and focuses on cameos. Characters that appear in them are selected depending on the theme of the picture and when was the last time characters appeared. This includes warmup sketch appearances too.

After this month’s billing cycle for Patreon ends, which is on the 5th, I will switch to the other billing cycle mentioned in the previous update, which allows new subscribers to pay every month on the day they started their subscription, and not at the beginning of the month. Just to let you know, this can not be changed back in the platform, so this is a very important decision to make and I need to know your thoughts about it before doing that. I will wait until the 15th to do this change.

Lastly, last week’s Affiliate anniversary painting I made on stream for Twitch is officially finished, and I will offer it in a raffle during stream too in a future date. The painting itself will have no cost but I do need the payment for the shipping, which can be our national carrier or, preferably, any shipping company of your choice among those available in Mexico, which include FedEx or DHL among others. I just need to frame the picture and I will start planning the raffle.

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful week!


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