Update 22/May

Hello! This is today’s update.

Last weekend’s sketch is now up. Enjoy!

Now that I’m done with all commission work for this month, I will spend the rest of the month in as many rewards as I can. Currently there are only six pending rewards with Paw Points. I think I can probably work on four of them, possibly five.

For Patreon rewards, I will start with the sticker templates this week and the pattern next week. The pattern will be up in Redbubble and Teepublic the day after it’s finished.

Patreon goals are gone and now, the same goal system is going to be published separately on Telegram, Discord and Twitter after they’re adjusted to fit what all fans want. There was a survey not so long ago asking what kind of things people would like to receive for subscriptions and everything, and I will use that information for the new goal system. All comments are welcome!

Comments are enabled in the site. This change will affect mostly newer messages, as all older messages are already labeled individually to reject comments by default; but this can be changed. People should be able to comment in most things now, possibly excluding very old messages and shop items. At first you might see your comment doesn’t show up, as the system requires me to approve at least one message from a single user; but the rest should show up normally. An account in the site is needed for commenting.

Today I should receive the framing for the Affiliate anniversary painting which will be offered as a raffle on Twitch in the near future. Details will be described during that transmission. For this raffle, the only costs are for shipping it, and I would highly recommend a specialized service to prevent damage and other problems regular services are more likely to have.

I think that’s all for now, thank you again for your time and have a great week!

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