50 subscriber goal

In June 2023 we’re starting a new way to give others more for their continuous support 😊 This all includes a few special products and other items that symbolize the growth of the community.

This all started with Patreon discontinuing their native goal system, which helped creators keep track of their growth; and now that we can start our own, detached from a particular service that not everyone is registered to, I can offer prizes to more fans!

This considers subscriptions of any level in three sites: Patreon, Fanbox and Ko-fi. Each service offers different benefits, the largest pool of rewards being offered in Patreon. When we reach these goals, the community as a whole gets something to symbolize that special event; something I will make specially for all of you πŸ’š.

The first set of goals includes all of these:

  • Special illustration stream with your character as cameo.
  • New lanyard design with paws.
  • 4th day of free sketch streaming.

The goal is a total of 50 subscriptions in all 3 platforms. When the goal is reached, a special day for streaming the creation of that illustration will be announced. This will be on Twitch and cameos are selected randomly from chat participants.

A special edition lanyard designed around paws. This will be free for subscribers in Team leader or higher (Patreon) or an ongoing subscription of at least 5 months (Ko-fi and Fanbox); and a variable discount to all other subscriptions (shipping not included). This lanyard will also be available at some conventions too.

And finally, a new day for the free sketch streaming added to the regular schedule. This one as opposed to the current 3 programs, will be a preorder set and not selected during stream, to favour those who can’t participate in regular programs. More details about it will be described after reaching this goal. The free sketch streaming is currently limited to Patreon subscribers of Clan leader and higher tiers.

I hope you’re as excited as we are for these new rewards and all the things we can create together in the future, and I really appreciate all the support from you during all these years πŸ’š

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