Update 12/Jun

Hello! This is today’s update. Sorry for being a little late!

Last weekend’s sketch sheet is now in the site. Enjoy!

I mentioned some time ago that I’d make a dating game with a few characters of mine, just for fun. I finally got to start making it and there are a few things I have prepared for it, and I also started exploring the program to make those kind of games. It looks a little complicated, but I hope I can do it. I will leave the images until the very end of the game though.

I’m also exploring Gamemaker for other kind of games. So far it’s just a very silly game about catching things falling from the top of the screen, but I’m still far from finishing it despite being a very simple game. I’ll show it once I’m done.

Thanks to everyone that has been sharing their ideas for more warmup sketches, they’re very fun to make! I’m trying to add as many cameos as I can in them too since lately I haven’t done many of those. I hope you like what I do with your ideas!

The King wuffo bot in discord is still being worked on. The new commands seem to be working perfectly in the test platform Kat and Luwyn have, so the new update is coming soon!

I think that’s all for now. Thank you and have a great week. Drink water!

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