Update 5/Jun

Hello! This is today’s update.

There’s a special event in Splatoon today, Monday; so streaming for the game will be moved to 20:00h instead of 19:00. Everything else is back to normal. This includes the free sketch streaming schedule is back again, starting this week on Friday at 19:00, plus 10 minutes before starting to just chat a bit. For those who want to join the free sketch streaming, you can do it by subscribing to Clan leader in Patreon, and get a free drawing every week ^^

For paw rewards, all the overdue work that has been accumulating since December is finally over. Right now the current queue is two rewards which were listed recently and I can easily work on them these days. This means, new rewards can be finished within one month again.

The King wuffo bot in discord is being worked on again. This will include some changes in how it works internally with minimal impact on how we users see it in the chat. It will also include a few new commands that I’m going to introduce later. I hope everyone enjoys them!

And lastly, last week’s painting raffle went really well. The winner was an awesome person from Mexico city, and I hope he enjoys the painting. Thanks to everyone who participated and continue coming to our fun evenings in Twitch. I really appreciate the company!

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful week!

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