Update 24/Jul

Hello! This is today’s update.

Last weekend’s sketch is now up in the site. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed this month’s streamings!

This week I will be working on the monthly illustration. All updates about it will be added to the wip-and-sketch chat, and cameos will be selected randomly.

This week I can also work on an additional reward, making a total of 3 rewards redeemed with paw points. After this, only one will be left from the current list.

I have been slowly moving forward with the game. Mostly going back and forth reading what I have and making sure some checks and branches are where they’re supposed to go. As of today, I’m about to start writing the ending of four of the available characters; the rest require some additional stuff before the player is able to reach that ending. More updates coming later.

That’s all for now. See you next time!

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