Update 3/Jul

Welcome to the second half of the year! I hope everyone’s doing well.

June’s monthly illustration is now for download here. I hope you like it! This will be a sticker for sale soon. I need to gather all the things I want to print and sell these days, so it will probably be available starting at Confuror, then BLFC and finally at the store in the site. Remember that subscribers get discounts at conventions of up to 100% in some products!

There may be an upcoming YCH related to Julycanthropy coming soon! More info here and in Telegram, in the future.

After finishing a game last week, a new game is replacing it this week on Wednesdays. It’s a very short one so it will probably last for a couple of streams. Meanwhile, I have been considering offering some Spanish lessons on Twitch too on Wednesdays, focused on communication during furry conventions. What do you think about this? Please let me know in the comments below!

As the branches in the dating game increase, testing them is getting a little more complicated than what I expected. I’m still working on properly set up everything to offer a good experience while playing it. So far it seems all branches are programmed correctly but I’m still missing a good amount of dialogue and, of course all images. Once I reach that point, all images will be available for download in the personal projects gallery as I finish them, and won’t count towards the monthly illustration reward for Patreon, which means you can still vote for one every month! 😊

There’s a sketch suggestion that involves several characters, and therefore I think it would be better to offer it as a monthly illustration instead, to make something that the idea deserves and not just a 40 min drawing. You will be able to vote for what you want me to draw in a poll, next week.

As of today, there are 3 pending paw rewards, one of those was listed by the end of last month. Chances are that I will be able to finish all of them this month.

This is the 6th anniversary of Patreon! As opposed to previous years, this time there are no major changes in anything related to Patreon other than rewriting the rewards to correct some mistakes. Remember that the charging cycle is now the same day someone joins the club, and not the first day of the month; but points are calculated on the 5th day of the month. The digital sketchbook is no longer accessible from this website either, as it was discontinued some time ago.

Don’t forget to follow Licographics in Telegram too! And those interested in my silly game-related talk, you can follow me in Meow as well.

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