Update 31/Jul

Hello! This is today’s update.

As mentioned a few days ago, sadly I lost all progress of July’s monthly illustration. For now I will replace it with a small plush drawing of all plushies that were included in that picture to compensate. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Speaking of monthly illustrations, for August and September, they will be heavily focused on making new merch for both conventions I’m attending in October. Like all other products, these will have discounts of up to 100% for Patreon subscribers in situ, and some discounts in the site’s store too once they’re added to the catalogue. More information later, or ask your questions in the comments below too!

Recently I got access to Bluesky too. You can find my account here. This new site will eventually become a copy of what I have on Twitter, but for now I will just share older works to slowly build a history in the site. Meow.social will remain as a place to talk about games (because I need a place to just be a nerd haha), but I will happily share others’ messages with drawings I made for them too. I may probably start updating again Tumblr, that you can follow here as well.

This week, there are a few changes in the streaming schedule. For today, Monday, Splatoon’s stream will be at 22h, to match today’s special event. Wednesday stream will be a review of the past 3 Spanish lessons. This one may last longer than the usual 2 hours, and I will happily help you with anything you need.

That’s all for now. Don’t forget that all sketches we make during the streaming are yours and you can freely share them anywhere you want, let people know about their existence!

Have a wonderful week πŸ’š

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