Update 14/Aug

Hello! This is today’s update.

Last weekend’s sketch is now up. Enjoy!

Very important: All patreon subscribers (not only to me, to anyone else) please check your subscription status and payment information. Patreon has been having some problems lately and we need you to report to them if you find any issues. I know of a few people that have had problems this month and they lost access to a lot of stuff temporarily.

The bot’s first streaming day was a success. During these days there will be some improvements to it. More about that in the near future.

This week on Thursday, there will be another session of instant commissions over Twitch. Rules and all characteristics will be listed in the chat during that day. This is your chance to get a discount commission! During this stream, basic illustrations get a $14 USD discount and you get it within a couple of hours. The plan is working on up to two pieces that day.

Last week we also started working on Streamloots! For now this is only implemented for Twitch programs, and among all the things you can do with that is sending a funny sound clip to changing the entire flow of the stream! Join by registering in Streamloots and by clicking here, you get a pretty nice surprise too!

And lastly, thank you for your time and your support ^^. You can always join Ko-fi, Patreon or Twitch for more fun things you can enjoy!

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