Update 8/Aug

Hello everyone! This is today’s update.

First of all, we have new commands for the bot! All courtesy of Kat and Luwyn. Please thank them for their hard work! Most of these new commands are for everyone, and one is only for the streaming chat; meaning that only people with access to it can use it.

  • qsize (name) is for changing someone’s size to a random number given by the bot. Type someone’s name after the command.
  • qbelly (name) does the same, but belly size only. Type someone’s name after the command.
  • qnom (name) shows a message about you eating someone else. Type someone’s name after the command.
  • qvooki adds you to a secondary queue that always comes after the main queue. This means, whoever joins the main queue after qvooki will always go before this command’s secondary queue. This is for the streaming chat only.

The entire code for the bot was reworked too, but those changes aren’t visible for us as users. Thank you for all you hard work guys!

The replacement for July’s illustration is now visible in the site. You can download your plush version there. These pieces were made for those who were selected to be cameos in the original picture. I hope you like them!

Speaking of things you can find in the site, you can find the sketch sheet from last Friday in it too. Enjoy!

For this month I have planned to make a couple of rewards, with a possibility of a third one. More details in the future. One of the two for this month is already finished. Additionally, the polls for the monthly picture and template will be published in Patreon today. Keep an eye on them!

There have been reports of people having inconveniences with Patreon payments. Please check all your payment information is updated, correct and working; and contact support if you have any problems. Keep in mind this may be a process that takes more than one day to finish.

And lastly, for those who have an account in Bluesky, you can find my user here. For now I’m just throwing random images that were previously shared before in other platforms. I started reusing tumblr too, both as additional platforms to Telegram and Twitter.

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