Update 27/Nov

Hello! This is today’s update.

First of all, last weekend’s sketch sheet is now up. Enjoy!

December’s sketch streaming days are also defined in the calendar, with the only exception being the one on the 22nd; that one will change to a different day. I haven’t defined when yet but it could be either the 20th or the 23rd.

For those who are not subscribed to either Patreon or Ko-fi, there is something very special coming in December. All details will be announced this Friday over Telegram, Discord and Bluesky. Make sure you’re following there too!

Since all work for the month is already finished, this week I will work on additional personal projects and other things that you can find in the personal project gallery, together with all monthly illustrations (November’s still not there but later this week!).

That’s all for today. Have an awesome week!

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