Update 18/Mar

Hello! This is today’s update.

Continuing with changes in Paw points, please visit last week’s update to read about what changes are planned and you can leave your feedback in the comments there too. I would really appreciate that!

Continuing with rewards, last sketch sheet is now up in the site. Enjoy!

For sketch streamings, I modified the calendar for the next upcoming ones. I will not be available during the first Friday of April, meaning that the first sketch streaming corresponding to that month will be on the 12th. I hope to see you there!

For the rest of March, I will continue working on the poster for Confuror’s convention book; which is an illustration that will also be available as a print at the convention and at the site’s store later this year.

Now about Twitch: the current goal is making a new avatar of you transforming me into a species of your choice! You can contribute to the goal here and send me in a private message what you would like to see me turned into! When we reach the goal, I will work on a new avatar made for Veadotube, with a default of four frames that you can make me change into during streams (and can be used in sketch streams too if you want!).

Finally, I will spend a little more time in the dating game that I started last year, now that I finally have some extra time to spend. Please be patient πŸ’š

That’s all for now. Thank you and have a great week!

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