Update 6/May

Hello! This is today’s update.

This week I started working on commissions again. At this point, all rewards that were listed before last weekend are finished, and there are a few to be done this month. I will work on them as soon as I’m done with commissions. Thank you for your interest!

For Twitch we have a new avatar debuting today: the gryphon. It’s now added to the list of transformed avatars you can request using the potion stickers in the stream stickers extension, or the transformation card in Streamloots. During this week I’m going to make a new panel in the channel listing all possible transformations. Don’t forget that there’s a bonus avatar for whenever I get a challenge and I can’t complete it too! Those challenges can be anything from the channel point redeem or something more exciting from Streamloots cards.

Like I mentioned before, I couldn’t continue with the game during April and I will work on as much as I can on it after commissions. Additionally, I’m trying to learn Adobe Character Animator to make other stuff I’m planning for the future. It’s been complex but fun to learn!

And finally for Patreon subscribers: the poll for this month’s downloadables will come during this week. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite! On top of that, there’s one more spot available for WORLD LEGEND! Read all its benefits in Patreon and subscribe or upgrade while it’s still available πŸ˜‹

And I think that’s all for now. Don’t miss this week’s streams and thank you for your time! Have a wonderful week πŸ’š

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